Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Lights out at Harbury Lane

Leamington's match against Cradley Rovers was abandoned in the 87th minute yesterday because of a floodlight failure, the lights having already gone out just after half time. Brakes were 2-1 up at the time, but were making heavy weather of beating Cradley who, unlike Chasetown last week, were not stuffed with ex Premiership and Football League players. And experience at level does make a difference to your standard of play.

Tonight we have a real Premiership match at The Valley. The fact that 'Pool are without their first choice goalkeeper is neither here nor there. Dudek is a good, if somewhat eccentric, goalkeeper and some rate Scott Carson even higher. Gerrard's absence is more of a bonus.

The Addicks look like being without Holland who has been solid in midfield in recent matches. Hopefully, this will create an opportunity to start Thomas. Chris Powell's pace caught him out at Spurs, but I wouldn't want to see Spector replace him (either as left back or as centre back with HH moving to the left back slot).

I'm very much opposed to reading results off the table. If one could do this, there would be a very broad dispersal of points around the median at the end of the season. However, it is difficult to see us getting anything out of this match. In a sense the fact that we are not expected to do anything might be an advantage, provided the crowd don't start getting on the team's back the first time they make an error. I'm going for 2-1 to 'Pool.

BTW, there will be a match report tomorrow, but there is inevitably some delay in doing these after evening games.


Blogger Steve0 said...

I hope Kish doesn't start, he seems to give the ball away every time he gets it these days. Wyn, you appear to have a bit of a downer on Spector! Much as I respect Chris Powell, I think the youngster has got huge potential and should be given a chance to develop. All our goals at Spurs came from midfield errors, not defensive errors.

I also fear we will get tonked by Pool, especially if we keep giving the ball away so cheaply, as has been the case of late.

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