Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Spurphy on Curbs and Curbs on Murphy

Danny Murphy has graciously stated that Curbs would be 'capable' of making the step up to coach England. Just like Spurphy can find his way to the Spudz's training ground. Mind you it seems that not every Spurs fan is overjoyed at their new acquisition. There has been no dancing in the streets of Haringey.

Murphy insisted he left The Valley on good terms, despite not playing over the past few weeks. 'I think it was just a case that due to the speculation [Curbs] felt that I maybe was not in the right mindset,' said the Scouser. 'There certainly were not any demands on my part that I was not available for selection or anything like that' said Mr Joanna Taylor who was seen leaving the dressing room looking morose some time before the match on Saturday.

'It is just a case of him thinking that he did not want to put me in the side because he did not think maybe I was 100% focused, which was not the case. But when the Tottenham thing came up, I do not mind admitting I was the first one to express to Charlton and the manager that I wanted to do it. Purely on a football level anyone can see it is a fantastic opportunity.'

No great loss - Curbs

Meanwhile Curbs believes the sale of Murphy will be no great loss to the club. He explained: 'He hadn't been playing and that had been nothing to do with the transfer speculation that had surrounded him. He hadn't been playing because the way we play I didn't think would suit him. In the first 10 or 12 games we played in a certain style fitting around him and certain other players.

'When we played with five midfield players everything was clicking and everyone was contributing by making goals and scoring goals. But when it started to go against us we had to change. When results went against us, having five midfielders left us with too much to do. We were too open and too lightweight.

'Danny wasn't the only one who got hurt but in recent weeks we have dug in and I felt the players who were playing deserved to be in the team. One or two of them had been waiting a long time to play and if Danny was unsettled or not in the right frame of mind he was no good to me.'

What is evident is that many Charlton fans feel upset about the way they were misled in the last few weeks. Although I assumed that I wasn't being told the truth all along, some obviously thought they were. It's not been a PR success for the club and it's something that the board might wish to bear in mind. Perhaps when they have finished counting the thousand of votes for our new supporters' director, s/he might have a word.


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