Saturday, February 04, 2006

How to turn £30,000 into £2 million

Sounds like a spam come on doesn't it? But this is what Racing Club Warwick have done. The Midland Alliance club whose attendances often don't reach three figures (apart from the Derby against Leamington) have managed to get hold of £2 million of public and charitable money to improve their ground. Admittedly, it needs it. The pitch is awful and is used for grazing horses between games.

Racing Club put in £30,000 of their own money. They then got a pledge of £1.17m from the government's Future Builders group. I had never heard of this organisation, but I found it on the Treasury web site and it has had a lot of dosh to hand out to build up the 'voluntary and community sector'. Then add in £350,000 from Warwick District Council (about to put their council tax by nearly 5 per cent) and get the Football Foundation to provide the balance.

Hey presto! You have a new gym, a new playing surface, a new clubhouse and a double decker stand. The only thing that spoils it is that 'ambitious' manager Marcus Law is fed up with the lack of support for the Gee Gees and is making it known that he would like a move to Harbury Lane where Leamington can attract four figure crowds. Brakes boss Cadzy is under fire as Leamington have failed to win all their matches recently.


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