Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Hayes wins by eight votes

Ben Hayes is the new supporters' director at Charlton, having won by eight votes over Vince Nieswiecz. All four candidates polled well, with bottom candidate Brian Cole taking 17.5% of the vote compared with 21.9% for Hayes. Current incumbent Sue Townsend was placed third.

What was disappointing is that only 14% of season ticket holders bothered to vote, despite ample opportunities to do so, even though the figure was up on 2003. This suggests that many fans are sceptical about what the supporters' director can do, constrained as s/he necessarily is by the requirements of commercial confidentiality.

The number of spoilt votes was 423, up from 75 in 2003. Indeed, if S.Poilt-Paper had been a candidate, s/he would have come in third. This does not imply that some voters were deliberately spoiling their papers, but rather that they had difficulty with the verification system on the internet or perhaps voted twice in error because they were unsure whether their vote had been received.


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