Thursday, February 02, 2006

How to speak Spurphy

This appeared on the Charlton list but deserves a wider audience:

Murphism - When Tottenham came in this time I don't mind admitting I was
the first one to express to Charlton and the manager that I wanted to go.

English - This'll teach him to drop me.

Murphism - No disrespect to Charlton, but they are not Tottenham, in terms
of the squad they have got, the fan base and in terms of the potential

English - Yes I know I'll be sitting on the bench, but have you seen what
they're paying me and I don't have to do all this tackling b*ll*cks.

Murphism - Everything was right this time and it is an opportunity for me
which, if I had not taken it, I would have regretted for the rest of my career.

English - When I left Liverpool, Spurs were going nowhere, finished below
Charlton and so as far as my CV goes it would have looked much to shabby.

Murphism - Tottenham have great ambitions to win trophies and fight for the
Champions League spots. That is the level of football I want to play again.

English - Yeah OK, it ain't going to happen, but as they're fourth at the
moment It sounds good, so I'll just have stuck it out here for another 6
months, till I can join me mate Robbie.

Murphism - Charlton obviously let the move happen so you can read into it
what you want.

English - It would have cost them a million to keep me sulking in the reserves.

Murphism - If anything, they have given me the chance to better myself which
I suppose, in a way, is good of them, because they did not have to do that.

English - Yey for player power, poor saps!

Murphism - The majority of the time we got on fine, and it was only in recent
weeks that we didn?t communicate as well as maybe we should have.

English - I stopped talking to that jumped up southern tw@ after he had the
gall to drop me. Who does he think he is Bob Paisley?



Blogger beauzo said...

Excellent stuff Wyn. Do I infer just a hint of irritation and/or bitterness in your words? Rightly so. The most well written football blog gets its dander up. Not to seem excessively toadying, the post above about the business of football and Charlton's PR faux-pas seems pretty close to the mark as well. I did like the "Murphy kicks Romm" version of the rumour but of course no way of this ever being verified. Let's hope we put on a decent show v the spuds on sunday. Up the Addicks

12:04 PM  

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