Sunday, February 05, 2006

A good game to miss

A family birthday celebration took us to the banks of the Thames today for a superb meal. That aside, I'm glad I didn't go to the Lane or even listened on the radio. What is clear from all the reports I have read is that Spurs were the better side on the day and this is particularly disappointing, given the Murphy episode and the fact that we have never lost to Spurs away in the Premiership before now. Thomas could have come on earlier, but one player is not going to turn a game around.

Driving up the M40, the obligatory complaining Charlton supporter came on to argue that Curbs had 'lost the plot' and had to go. Pressed for a replacement, he could only come up with a League 1 manager and that's a big divide to cross. The Chelsea fan who came on next was amazed at this sort of call and reminded listeners of what happened when Martin O'Neill went from Leicester.

Curbs is not going to go soon. The board won't sack him and he is unlikely to get the England job. Contrary to some newspaper reports, even the FA won't go for an 'Englishmen only' list if the best candidate is overseas. One day Curbs may resign, either because he has had enough, or because he gets an offer at a club that intrerests him. This won't be Toon. I reckon that Allerdyce will eventually go there.

Still we don't have much to look forward to for the rest of the reason. While I expect us to get past Brentford in the 5th round of the Cup, I anticipate that a Premiership side will knock us out in the 6th. There are, of course, individual games to play for and Liverpool's heads were down after their defeat at Chelsea. But no doubt they will have recovered by Wednesday and I fear they will take the points.

Still, it could be worse. It must be hard to be a Sunderland or a 'Boro fan right now. Or even a Norwich fan after their home defeat by Ipswich in which JJ scored, but then managed to assist a ball into his own net.


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