Saturday, February 04, 2006

Ten Years Ago: the Bees in the Cup

Charlton faced Brentford in the 4th round of the Cup at The Valley on 7th February 1996 (the match had originally been scheduled for the Saturday), but before that they played Palace at home before the television cameras on Sunday 4th February. This game ended in a 0-0 draw.

My journey to the Palace game was disrupted by a shuttle service operating from Charing Cross to Cannon Street where there few trains, but eventually a football special was announced. My notes on the game recall, 'We started very raggedly and it was clear that Palace had come to stop us playing football and were succeeding. Kim Grant was having one of his off days. Palace hardly ever looked like scoring, but we couddn't break them down. Vicious tackles on Lee Bowyer were ignored by the referee until he gave three yellow cards late in the second half. And he denied us a deserved penalty.'

It all went off at the station afterwards after a group of shaven headed Glaziers attempted to force their way on to the train.

The Brentford game saw the unusual sight of ticket touts at The Valley. My notes recall, 'We started hesitantly, Jamie Stuart looking weak. Defensive errors gave Brentford a 0-1 lead, but we came back quickly with a Robinson goal and just before half time Bowyer made it 2-1. But after the break Brentford continued to look menacing and Salmon managed to step back and drop the ball in his own net. Kim Grant, who had looked weak all evening, was replaced by David Whyte. Four minutes before the end he scored a beautiful goal from a free kick.' David Whyte, Whyte, Whyte, where are you now?

Once again there was trouble at the station and I had to share a slow train from Euston with fans from the West Ham v. Grimsby gane, finally getting home at 2 a.m.


Blogger BC Addick said...

Thats is a good point, where what happened to David Whyte Whyte Whyte? He was a star for a while!

3:47 AM  
Blogger Wyn Grant said...

I think that he developed a weight problem and one rumour is that he was last seen selling The Big Issue . Certainly he never appears at any of the player reunion events at The Valley.

9:25 AM  

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