Monday, February 06, 2006

Joanna hits back at Curbs

In an article in The Times Joanna Taylor hits back at Curbs for his recent criticism of her husband Danny Murphy. Joanna suggests that Curbs doesn't read her column which implies that she thinks that is a legitimate way of communicating with the manager. She reminds Charlton fans that Spurs are a bigger club.

Joanna confesses to her readership, 'I know this from experience after an incredibly stressful month in our house. Fortunately for Danny, that’s all over now and he’s really excited and positive about his future as a Tottenham Hotspur player.

She continues, 'I didn’t want to get drawn into a slanging match, but I felt I had to respond to some of the comments made by Alan Curbishley last week. Danny has got a lot of stick from some Charlton fans and from Curbishley for suggesting that Tottenham are a bigger club. A lot of things have been taken out of context and misquoted, but the fact is they do have a bigger ground and more fans than Charlton. But I would like to emphasise that Danny meant no disrespect to the Charlton fans by saying that and has always been very grateful for their support. He simply meant the expectancy level at Tottenham is higher and that is something he thrives off.'

'I hope that if Curbishley gets the England job, then he will not get as much stick as Danny has for trying to move on in his career. In fact, Danny even said in his press conference that it is a job Curbishley is very capable of doing. It’s funny that so few people have picked up on that.' [Is Murphy such a big figure in football that Curbs needs his endorsement]

'This is my opinion, not Danny’s. [All I can say is that it is an odd state of affairs when your wife publicises views which may not be your own]. He would not want to say anything after all the fuss. But the message that has been put out about Danny not being in the right frame of mind to play because of all the speculation regarding his future is just not right. I can tell you that the only thing unsettling Danny was the fact he was not even on the bench, let alone the team. [Is it possible he was not giving his all?] Some players might be happy with just sitting around and picking up their wages for doing nothing but Danny is not one of them.'

'In the past few weeks, when he has been left out, he has still been travelling with the team. He has been doing extra training with the fitness coach in order to remain fully fit for when the chance came. He hates not playing but it has not been his choice. The thing that really annoys me is the snide nature of some of the remarks that have been made. These included such things as Danny having a fuller social diary at White Hart Lane. [That hit home then]. Curbishley obviously does not read this column, otherwise he would know we do not go out much. To be honest, I’m hoping that Danny will be playing in Europe next season so our social life will be even quieter.' [Really? What about the advert that your agent puts out for opening supermarkets?]

'I know my husband pretty well and he gives his all when he plays. That has been the case at Crewe Alexandra, Liverpool and Charlton. He likes Charlton and has a lot of friends there, and he genuinely wishes they do well. He is also grateful that, in the end, they allowed him to leave.' [So are we]

'Another thing Danny did say was that he believes your England chances are enhanced by playing for a bigger club. I expect those who have followed Peter Crouch’s career might feel the same. Scott Parker probably did when he left The Valley. But it has been blown out of all proportion by certain people.'

'I am just glad it is all over because the last month has been a nightmare. Ultimately, I think some of the remarks from Charlton reflect that they are sorry to see him go. But it is time for everybody to move on. Danny has and is already feeling very settled.' Perhaps it is time for The Times to move on from purporting that this kiss 'n' tell journalism belongs in a sports section.



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