Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The morning after the night before

A huge number of messages on the Charlton list this morning. Apart from 'Curbs out' messages from the usual suspects, what does it all amount to?

We were awful last night

Paul May certainly seemed to very gloomy about the match. But when I read The Times report today they said that we were on top and were denied a late winner from Bothroyd by the linesman. Seems that the Baggies came for a draw and their man marking and use of the offside trap paid off. I would agree that we need more width, though.

Murphy was our most creative player

Quite a lot of people dissent from this view. At his best, he could be very good, but then we started to play to a Plan A which was soon sussed out by other teams: Kish provides the ball to Murphy, Murphy plays it along the ground to Bent. In some of his recent appearances, the sulky Scouser was not doing the business. Surely the manager is entitled to drop a player if he doesn't think he's giving his all or doesn't fit into the system? After all, a lot of people wanted us to try 4-4-2.

Curbs can't handle big players

What's he supposed to do with prima donnas? Let's say Murphy says at the training ground, 'This is how we did it at Liverpool' and 'We didn't do that at Liverpool.' Is Curbs supposed to say, 'Thanks Danny for putting me right'? And are the other players supposed to say, 'It's so great having an England nearly man to show us how its done'? What's more how many players have their wife acting as their representative on Earth in The Times?

'We were lied to'

It was obvious to me from Danny's demeanour last Saturday that he was on his way. But let's remember that the club is a business. Most businesses don't say who they are trying to hire or who might leave. Certainly in the academic transfer market we don't show our hand and don't tell people who we are talking to. I would have liked to get a bit more money from Murphy and there is something in the view that bigger clubs are carving us up.

'Little Charlton', club has no ambition

Of course this gets to the heart of it. Charlton are a medium-sized club. In terms of resources and attendances, they should really be a Championship club. So punching above their weight and staying in the Premiership is a struggle, sometimes leading to negative football that does not please the crowds. The board's strategy has been a long-term, step by step one of building up the club. The fans expect quicker results in terms of going to the next level and there is a real tension there which could turn into a vicious circle of declining attendances, less money to spend etc.

Who would be a manager?

As I couldn't get to The Valley, I went to see last night's clash between Leamington and Chasetown, the two Midland Alliance teams who made it to the 1st round of the FA Cup. Lots of Chasetown fans there largeing it in their Oldham tops. Chasetown deservedly won 3-1. Now a vocal group of fans want Cadzy sacked. And he doesn't get paid!


Blogger marka said...

Well done, finally a clear analysis of the Murphy situation. Although I loved Murphy at his best, we cannot afford a player who thinks he is bigger than the club.
My only worry is after Parker '04 and Murphy '06, will it be Bent in January 2007?

4:58 PM  
Blogger Kappacino Kid said...

Good point about Bent, if he continues to score like he does and if he goes to Germany then he will undoubtedly become a target and if it is a top 4 club we won't beable to keep him, if we are honest with ourselves. Maybe thats why we have bought Marcus, sell Bent to the Americans at Man U, but like with London Bridge we sell them the wrong one!! Sorted.

10:14 PM  

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