Friday, April 27, 2007

It's grim oop north

The record of Charlton's appearances at Blackburn, supplied to the mailing list by Chalfont St.Peter Addick Dick Sheppard, makes grim reading writes Erith's Paul May. We have lost five in the Premiership, two by a margin of 4-1, and won only once. It's often said that the North-West doesn't suit us.

And, believe it or not, Blackburn fans are still holding on to hopes of qualifying for the Inter Toto Cup. How sad can you get?

The New York Addick has expressed his doubts about how much difference a large away crowd will make, arguing that it could rile Blackburn fans, tired out after a week down the pit. Of course, they may have spent a pleasant morning with their ferrets and in their pigeon lofts. But I see where he is coming from.

On the plus side, we did win a surprise FA Cup victory at Blackburn in our days of struggle with the winning goal scored by a now forgotten player. (I haven't forgotten, but an association with Palace caused problems for the Addickted).

But past form is really irrelevant. It's all about tomorrow. That's why we need the never say die spirit of Matt Holland. Whether Hasselbaink can ever do anything for us I doubt. Anyway, the thinking seems to be that we haven't got the players for 4-4-2 and are better at 4-5-1.

I'm feeling nervous and tense already. But I also have a confidence that, with our backs to the wall, the Charlton way is to make the great escape. See you tomorrow!

BTW, I bet Chalfont St Peter is posher than Erith. Isn't it in Surrey somewhere?


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