Thursday, April 26, 2007

I'm a 22, what are you?

Wyn Grant has said that I should introduce myself to you, writes Erith Addick Paul May. Recently I typed in my postal code in Erith to the Up My Street site and the profile that came out as a Type 22 neighbourhood was remarkably accurate. However, now that my divorce is well behind me, I am trying to buy rather than rent my one bedroom flat. But there is a lot of buy to let renting in our modern development.

Here is the profile with my comments in square brackets:

Often, many of the people who live in this sort of postcode will be low income singles living in small rented flats. These are known as type 22 in the ACORN classification and 1.38% of the UK’s population live in this type.

Geographically neighbourhoods fitting this profile occur in various locations including Canterbury, seaside [well, we are riverside in Erith] towns such as Torquay and Blackpool, and Scottish towns such as Dundee, Galashiels, and Paisley. Here is an overview of the likely preferences and features of your neighbourhood:

Family income Low
Interest in current affairs Medium
Housing - with mortgage Low
Educated - to degree Medium
Couples with children Very low
Have satellite TV Low

These neighbourhoods are largely composed of single people, both young and old. [Or middle aged like me] Around 20% of the people in these areas are in their 20s, but 10% are over 75. Both are well above the national average. The dominant characteristic is the single person renting small flats. There may also be some communal establishments such as nursing homes.

Incomes are quite low. [Tell my boss] People have average educational qualifications. Their relatively routine jobs are in shops and offices [all this is true for me], and there is some unemployment. With the elderly contributing to higher than average numbers of people with long term illnesses, these areas are beginning to experience some need for social services. [Not so many older people in our square]

While the younger people aspire to gold cards, interactive TV and telephone banking, the reality is they have low limits on their credit cards, plan to pay off debts, and possibly need a loan. [My credit cards got maxed out, so now I only have a debit card] Their spending on food is low, and catalogue shopping helps them economise. Few people own a car, with those who do paying high insurance premiums. Most get about on foot, by bike, or public transport. [Like yours truly]

The pub is a relatively popular place for eating, either at lunch-time or in the evening. [Not just eating] Leisure interests tend to be football [Come on you Addicks] and betting on the horses. At home they might unwind by listening to music [I am really into 80s music] or reading a novel. [Yeah] There is a keen interest in self-improvement and education. [Particularly finding out more about football]

To check out your own neighbourhood, go here: Acorn


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