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Future plans

We're just about to reach 250,000 hits (more page views, of course) and 1,000 posts so it's time to review the future of this blog. It's also important to do it now to emphasise that it is in no way connected to Charlton's fate (other than that relegation would mean a name change). I've already renewed my season ticket.

This blog started off nearly ten years ago as a web page offering a 'diary' account of Charlton's season. You can see the original here at Diary This evolved into more formal match reports which at one time were linked to the club's web page. Indeed, when Rick Everitt (then Sports Editor at the Mercury) took a winter holiday in Australia, I stood in for him and wrote the club page reports and took part in the post match press conference with Curbs. This was at a time when the club had far fewer professional staff today and the internet was still in an early stage of its development.

It's quite difficult to get constructive feedback on a blog. One line of criticism has been that this blog is boring, but the answer to that is pretty simple, don't read it. There are now far more blogs on Charlton than there used to be, so there is plenty of choice and most of them set a high standard. One option might therefore to follow the line that Inspector Sands unfortunately but understandably took with Casino Avenue and decide that this blog has reached its sell by date. However, it gets enough hits to make it worth carrying on.

One good friend of mine thinks that Charlton is a hopelessly down market club and that my interest in it is very retro. To the amusement of the fans of other clubs, she did have a rather funny spoof on a reverse Rickshaw taking coach load of Charlton fans to a naff Kent restaurant. Perhaps Charlton is social death, but as is often said, you can take the man out of Charlton, but not Charlton out of the man.

My main constraint is increasing lack of time due to a workload that seems to be on a steep upward curve. My attendance at away matches has fallen away simply because taking a day out on Saturday means working hard on Sunday to make up the ground. I recently worked that out that I had visited eleven countries in four continents for work in a twelve month period. Now I know that many people do a lot more travel. The Chicago Addick probably does more air miles within the US. Moreover, I am one of those people who can go to sleep when the plan taxis off and wake up over southern Brazil. And I sleep better in hotels than I do at home.

Nevertheless, even my energy was sapped by last week's encounter with the Chileans, not to mention acting as protocol officer to the country's ambassador to India which involved summoning the Mercedes and opening the door, then making polite conversation.

To get to the point. First, coverage of the Brakes is to be separated off into a new blog called Test Your Brakes. Charlton fans will then not have to read about what one suggested was a pasture for retired donkeys.

The football economy web page is a partnership between myself and Jez. I have never met Canaries fan Jez who lives in Spain. But this has worked very well.

On this page Erith Addick Paul May has played an increasing role, not least with his eloquent away reports which are better than anything I could write. From next season Paul will assume a greater role on the page. We are yet to work out the details, but Paul himself will be writing once the relegation battle is successfully resolved.

Thanks for your interest and support. Come on you Reds!


Blogger Ian P said...

Dear Wyn

I do hope you will continue with your home match reports. I turn to them first after a game - they are a good mix of realism and wit, and your assessment of the players' merits is always good.

Also, there is no other site with canine reporters, and it is surely too early for Jeaneau the Soccer Cat to go into retirement.

Mind you I can understand how a working life dedicated to the CAP would wear a body out.

Hope you keep it going. If the worst comes to the worst, there is a whole new topic of conversation for us all next year.

Ian P

PS We are still hopeless at corners - no goals from them this year, I think, and only one last year. In the Di Canio season Herman alone got 5 goals, if I recal correctly.

9:03 AM  
Blogger Pedro45 said...

Thanks for the entertainment over the years; hope you find the time to continue on all your blogsites.

10:38 AM  
Blogger Jamie said...


I enjoy reading APD a lot (as I do Chicago Addick and Inspector Sands blogs).

Keep up the good work.


11:28 AM  
Blogger Steve0 said...

I didn't think your blog was boring, Wyn. Looks like the retirement thing is something of a misnomer, still I've enjoyed your match and news reports for the last few years. Thanks and good luck with whatever you choose to do.


11:35 AM  
Blogger New York Addick said...

I don't find it boring; I'm sorry that others might. As you suggest, if someone's not interested in reading about the Brakes then they don't have to(though personally I also have a soft spot for non-League football having been brought up in Barnet).

11:36 AM  
Blogger worcestershireleaburn said...

Wyn, very much enjoy your writing. As a fellow exiled Addick in the West Midlands, I'm always interested in your views. keep it up!!!

11:45 AM  
Blogger Chicago Addick said...

vvsI hope you continue with this page - it is essential Charlton reading especially for overseas Addicks. You are right you can take the man out of Charlton, but not Charlton out of the man. It is a lifetimes disease but I'm bloody glad I caught it.

Writing a blog as prolifically as you, I , NYA , Pedro, Inspector and one or two others does start to blur the lines of fun and hard work, particularly when from what I can make out all of our jobs take up so much time and energy.

Addicks Diary is a key ingredient to Charlton's on line media and yours & Paul's reports plus your insightful perspective of the club is a daily must.

If people find it boring, and I like the Brakes stuff personally, then that is their problem not yours. A blog is like talking out loud, if people don't want to listen then don't.

Good luck Wyn and Come on you reds!

4:23 PM  
Blogger charlton north-downs said...

Hi Wyn
As a new blogger it has only just dawned on me that blogging is almost like diary but not a personal one. Sometimes its nice to write something off your chest.At the moment Im bit obsessed with it but Im sure I will settle down soon as my job might suffer and my wife divorce me.
I read your blog everyday and have done so for sometime and would really miss it.

5:21 PM  
Blogger Inspector Sands said...

Good to hear things are continuing, and I'm looking forward to hearing more from Paul.

Having a second voice helps with these things, I tend to find - my original idea for a Charlton blog, about five years back, was going to be a group one. Never did get it off the ground, mind.

Onwards and upwards!

11:29 PM  
Blogger Ken Jennings said...

Wyn, you may recall I wrote to you some years ago, thanking you for your reports. It seems appropriate to reiterate.

As an overseas fan, I heartily endorse Chicago Addicks reference to 'essential reading'.

I do have an appreciation of the time and effort it takes to keep going with the writing and site updating, and I guess that's why I'm now moved to add my ten cents worth. Write about whatever the hell you like. I know I will enjoy reading it.

All the best.

1:51 AM  

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