Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Let the convoy roll!

Wyn Grant's diary seems to be getting busier than ever, so I will keeping you in touch with matters Addickted for the next week or so at least, writes Erith Addick Paul May.

You know, I'm getting excited already about the great convoy that is going up north from these parts (and many others) on Saturday. (I've just heard that there are now 5,649 going).

Normally I have a few drinks on a Friday night. But while I am not ready to take the pledge, as I hear that some of the lads at the Rose of Denmark have, I am not going to have my usual sherbets to start the weekend. I want a (reasonably) clear head to enjoy the experience.

Some people are going by plane and I understand these will operate on a 'first come, first served' basis. I understand that Rick Everitt and his team are having difficulty rounding up enough coaches. Let's hope we don't have any breakdowns! Have you seen those Rickshaws that are pulling tourists around central London? Perhaps we could borrow some of them and get the less successful members of the squad to pull Brian Cole up the motorway? Actually, he's looking a lot more svelte these days.

Seriously, though, Rick and his team are doing a great job and we ought to be very grateful to them. I hear that one geezer is even coming from Australia to the match, rating it as important as the play off final.

I remember winning what I think was still Division 1 up at Blackburn. Does anyone remember those guys who dressed up as the Blues Brothers and came in a stretch limo?

This is going to be a great Charlton day out, but above all it is going to be another great escape! Come on your rip roaring, goal scoring reds.

BTW, the geezer who called me the Charles Pooter of Erith, I know where you live! This is not the Diary of a Nobody. Being an Addick makes me a Somebody. OK?


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