Saturday, April 21, 2007

Warnock mind games

Neil Warnock is claiming that Charlton have more to lose emotionally and financially of they are relegated as part of the mind games ahead of today's '£30m match':


I think that Warnock is exaggerating the extent to which Charlton have been financially imprudent. Implicitly, he is also admitting that he is running a Championship side that have strayed into the Premiership. However, I know that the gobby Cornish smallholder has his admirers among Charlton fans.

The Fink Tank gives a 41 per cent chance of a home win, a 30 per cent of the draw which would not really suit either side and a 29 per cent chance of an away win. I am not denying the validity of those percentages, but I believe that we will win 2-1.


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