Friday, April 20, 2007

Peter Varney interviewed on Radio 5

Charlton chief executive Peter Varney was interviewed on Radio 5 this morning. One topic was the future of the Islington, formerly Woolwich, franchise that has been attracting American takeover interest. PV used this to raise the question of how money is distributed in the Premiership. He also noted that teams were now fielding weakened teams against big clubs. Sheffield United fielded a weakened team at Old Trafford to prepare for tomorrow's game.

The Addicks supremo was asked, 'Is it all down to this?' He responded, 'Not necessarily, but it's a massive game. We were a little bit unlucky at Everton. The winner could take all tomorrow. Three points would take us out of the relegation zone. '

PV was asked about the Blackburn operation which he described as a 'small town. We need to create almost a home atmosphere at an away ground.' Asking about relegation, he said, 'It would be a massive blow to go down. We've slowly rebuilt the club since we came back to The Valley. When you have been in the Premiership for a number of years the costs are at quite a high base and you have to deal with that with means quite a dramatic pruning exercise if you go down.'

It was put to PV that the easiest route to reduce costs was to cut the playing satff. He responded, 'You have to balance that against the fact that you have to try and return. You need to keep as much of the squad together for the first year, but you can't keep everybody.' [Darren Bent and Luke Young?]

There's not much I can say about tomorrow's games that hasn't already been said by, for example, the New York Addick or Inspector Sands. BTW, when I was at Baker Street tube yesterday a test of fire alarm systems was followed by an automated message summoning the good inspector to the control room.

Is our attack sharp enough, our midfield creative enough, our defensive resilient enough to blunt the Blades? The most confident answer can be given about Scotty Carson and the defence is looking strong these days. There are still worries about Talal El Karkouri who is easy to wind up and has poor distribution.

Up front, assuming Marcus Bent is injured (I think that he combines quite well with Little Bent), I would not start JFH, but keep him on the bench to be used if necessary. For once, Rommedahl's track athlete skills could help to unlock the opposition.

It's going to be a tense and nervous day for the Addickted, but we need to create the best possible atmosphere.

Thanks for all those who responded to yesterday's message, including those on the Brakes web boards. The consensus may be that I keep Leamington material on this page.


Blogger pierreb said...

Wyn, this is the best football blog I have ever read, and I'm a 50-year Tottenham fan, so do not stop.

11:35 AM  
Blogger Kappacino Kid said...

Thomas may return, he and Romm could do a lot of damage to the United defence, especially if they were to run at them into the penalty area. We have the chance of a knockout punch tomorrow, as fans we should remain patient even if its 0-0 or even 0-1 going into the final minutes. Its a momentous game which we need to hold our nerve for

12:26 AM  

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