Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Reserves victory against Villa

It doesn't compensate for the loss on Saturday, but last night's reserves victory against a strong Villa side at the Fleet gave a glimmer of hope.

'Lisbie got one tonight as Charlton Reserves went on to win 3-2 against Villa' reportsDan Bream. 'We were cruising and in complete control. Alastair John down the right was causing all sorts of problems. He has the pace of Rommedahl and is young, eager and direct.'

Charlton went 2-0 ahead with goals from Jani Tanks and Osei Sankofa, both from set pieces. Tanska looked solid at the back and kept a tight rein on Baros (although he did give away a penalty - either him or Gislasson - couldn't quite make it out). Baros converted this and made it 2-1. Baros then slipped past Aswad Thomas (the other centre back on the evening) and with some individual skill slotted his second: 2-2.

The game was end to end action and both sides had several chances. It was Charlton who took the lead. Lloyd Sam picked up on the ball in his own half on the counter, ran the length of the pitch straight through the centre and opted for a pass to the left, which Lisbie picked and smacked in at the near post: 3-2.

Baros looked really good, but the Charlton defence did well to keep him reasonably quiet. He did miss two sitters, but we had chances to extend our lead to about 4 or 5. Randolph in goal also performed a few wonder svaes, with Patrick Beef-Berger hitting all sorts of long range efforts.

All in all a good match and a few players for Dowie to ponder - who was also there sat next to Bob, his brother.

We recommend a post by the New York Addick which has some interesting stats on the Curbs era, with an analysis that is in effect mirrored by the Curbs book:



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