Saturday, September 23, 2006

Charlton well beaten

Aston Villa's 2-0 defeat of Charlton represented a convincing defeat of the visitors. It was difficult for an Addick to take away any positives from the game. Villa were simply superior in all departments. Indeed, once one realised that Hughes and Holland were starting in midfield, the outcome was not much in doubt.

Charlton started well enough and played a composed game. However, they were vulnerable down Villa's right. Once Villa went 1-0 ahead in the first half, it was difficult to see how Charlton were going to get back in the game as they never looked like scoring. When Villa went 2-0 ahead in the second half, it was game over, the only question being whether Villa would score a third. Charlton increasingly made desperate resort to the long ball.

Hasselbaink burst through early in the game but Sorensen made a good save and the resultant Charlton corner was unproductive. Hasselbaink had a half chance but blasted the ball over the goal. A Villa free kick was saved by Carson. Hreidarsson showed real skill in winning the ball twice in defence.

Darren Bent won Charlton a corner and there was a spell of pressure from the Addicks in front of goal. A long pass of real quality released the unmarked Agbonlahor just in front of goal and he was well placed to beat Carson on 37 minutes.

Fortune conceded an avoidable corner, but Carson was able to punch the ball out.

Half time: Villa 1, Addicks 0

Sorensen had to make a save from Hasselbaink. Rommedahl had a go from distance, but his effort went wide. A Hughes error unleashed a Villa attack. Villa won a free kick, but it was headed out of danger.

Villa managed to break and the defence back pedalled frantically. Carson managed to get a hand to Luke Moore's shot but it found the back of the net. Carson had to make a diving save to deny Villa.

Holland and Hasselbaink were withdrawn in favour of Ambrose and Marcus Bent. He won Charlton a corner but it was unproductive. Carson had to save from another Villa break. Dennis Rommedahl drew a save from Sorensen. Rommedahl turned provider for Marcus Bent but his header went just over the bar.

We never do much at Villa, but this was one of the more uninspiring performances I have seen there.

Match analysis

Hooch the Pooch awarded the Silver Bone to Dennis Rommedahl for his inspired runs which came the nearest to causing Villa any trouble. He has given him 7 in his Observer scores in tomorrow's paper. Carson (6) couldn't do much about the two goals and made some decent saves. El Karkouri (5) didn't always seem to be where he should have been. Fortune (5) made some good tackles, but he also made some errors. He simply lacks the consistency needed at this level. Young (6) could not be faulted for effort. Hreidarsson (6) also tried his hardest, sometimes going too far forward, while some of his balls forward were poor. Faye (6) looked as if he was one of the players who knew what he was doing, but the match didn't give him the chance to shine. Hughes (4) did provide some decent passes, but also made some errors and often seemed to be drifing around on his own. Holland (5) tried his hardest, but wasn't good enough. Hasselbaink (5) lacks the agility to make the elaborate turns he favours and it was no surprise when he was withdrawn. Darren Bent (6) sparkled once or twice, but never came close to scoring. Marcus Bent (7) provided some welcome skill when he came on. It was easy to forget that Ambrose (4) had come on as a substitute because he didn't contribute anything.

Hiss of the Match

This was given by Juneau the Soccer Cat to the moaners behind me who were constantly slagging off the team.

Crowd rating A decent turn out of Addicks, but there was little to inspire them. 5/10.


Blogger goober said...

Congratulations to Mr Dowie, who is making Curbishley look even better than we all thought he was. Injuries are no excuse, this is the worst we have looked for years, and to cap it all we are £12m worse off.

8:08 PM  
Blogger Kappacino Kid said...

Cutbs always said judge after 10 games, ok, it isn't looking good, but we are only two points worse off against the same opposition last year and we always knew this was going to be a difficult season.

Curbs left a very poor squad and Dowie has strengthened it, but those additions have been nullifioed by injuries, which is relevant, only Faye, doing well, and Pousu (?) are left. We knew Holland and Hughes were not up to it and they were left by Curbs, along with Lisbie, M.Bent. If Dowies transfers can be faulted, it is not bringing in a striker in adition to Hasselbaink, who was always going to be a gamble.

10:21 AM  
Blogger goober said...

I think its so sweet that We are eternal optimists. Strengthened the squad? Are you sure? Its plain to see that buying players with no track record in English football is a massive gamble. Dowie is lovable figure, but one season in the premiership with a club that got relegated is not an ideal C.V. Please God I'm wrong, but its looks like this is our last in the premiership for some time. If we have less than 9 points after 10 games its a serious mountain to climb. I predict 6, and thats a Charlton fan being optimistic again.

11:46 AM  
Blogger Kappacino Kid said...

Look witht he squad that Curbs left buying my dead grandmother would have improved the squad.

Of course I am being optimisitic and clutchingf at straws - thats what being a charlton supporter is all about and remmeber curbs was relegated in his first ever Prem. season, so Dowie is not alone.

6:03 PM  

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