Monday, September 25, 2006

After the dust has settled

The first calls of 'Dowie Out' have been heard from Charlton supporters after Saturday's defeat at Villa put the Addicks in the relegation positions.

This is just nonsense as it would not be the Charlton way to dismiss a manager after a few poor results in difficult matches. Comparing with the same results last year, we are only two points down on last season. The Curbs way was, of course, to grind out results but the consequence was football that failed to entertain and was driving the fans away.

It should also be remembered that Dowie is on a four year contract at a reported £1m a year and that no one has suggested who might want to come in to replace him.

Nevertheless, it was a bad performance against Villa. For me this was shown by the brevity of the notes I took. There was little that Charlton did that was worth recording.

Some have blamed Hreidarsson for the first goal and he was out of position. But it was the old glass half full or empty story - one also has to take account of the quality of the Villa cross. The real problem is in the fulcrum of the side in midfield. The sooner Reid comes back the better.

A point against Arsenal and a win against Fulham would do a great deal to raise spirits and improve our position in the table. The points so far are pretty much in line with my pre-season predictions and I thought we would survive, just.

Having said that, arriving at Villa I had an intuition that we wouldn't be there next year because we would be in the Championship. So it was a particular humiliation to have to go back to Aston this lunchtime and do two live television segments.


Blogger worcestershireleaburn said...

Hughes and Holland looked poor last season. Hard to see why they are still in the starting 11. And as we know, it doesn't matter how lethal your strikers are, if you can't give them the ball they won't score.

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