Friday, September 15, 2006

Portsmouth and their fans

If one asked many people which clubs they disliked most in the Premiership, a common answer would be Chelsea and Manchester United. But I don't have too much of a problem with them.

The kind of Manchester United follower who has never been to Old Trafford and watches them on television from the comfort of his sofa, I just regard with amused contempt. As for supporters from Surrey who say that they support United because they represent the excellence they aspire to in their own lives, they condemn themselves out of their own months. And I don't begrudge Chelski their benefactor. Well, not that much.

Spurs fans, with their exaggerated notions that they are a 'top' club, I just find laughable, particularly when they start slagging off the club on 606 every time they lose a couple of matches. I did have a bit of a problem with the Massives, but have modified my views as my doctor is a season ticket holder and seems to be put through endless misery by them.

The club and the fans I have a problem with is Portsmouth. I may not be totally unbiased, because the two colleagues in adjacent offices are Saints. The godfather of my oldest granddaughter is also a Saint and has nothing but contempt for the 'Skates' as he calls them. I would also emphasise that I have met a number of Pompey supporters individually and have found them to be great people. It's the collectivity that is the problem.

Now that Pompski have a benefactor, their fans are talking of being in the Champions League next season. Just think of that, England represented by Fratton Park. Despite all their new found wealth, there is no sign of their long talked of plans to rotate the ground being put into action. So away fans have to sit on seats bolted on to an open terrace that would disgrace a League 1 club.

Some people admire Portsmouth fans for their uncritical support of the club, continuing to sing and chant when they were losing 1-5 to Arsenal. You might say we did the same thing when the Covered End did the conga as we lost 1-6 at home to Leeds. But that was just an attempt to cheer ourselves up. I don't find the undiscriminating support of Pompey fans a tribute to their judgement.

So it's 'Play Up Pompey' and the Pompey chimes tomorrow. Let's hope we can silence them.

Portsmouth resident and defrocked pitch announcer Brian Cole appeared on a Portsmouth station to discuss the easy three points for the Portsea Island team and you can hear the broadcast here:
Brian Cole


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Yes, it should be a win for Pompey!! Up the blues.

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