Thursday, September 14, 2006

What is Kevin Lisbie for?

That is a question that is increasingly being asked by many of the Addickted after what was apparently an uninspiring performance against Chelsea's youngsters in the reserves at The Fleet on Monday (which attracted a surprisingly large crowd given the absence of a reverse Rickshaw). Even more surprising that he didn't put in an effort when Iain Dowie was watching. But perhaps Super Kev is willing to sit back and draw his rumoured 10k a week.

I thought I'd have a look in Curbs's book to see what he said about Lisbie, but apart from a few brief scattered references of the 'young hopeful who came through the ranks' type and a mention of the hattrick against Liverpool, there is nothing. This contrasts with, for example, a fulsome tribute to Keith Jones. If Curbs can't say something nice about someone, I suspect that he says nothing.

It's been pointed out that with the time Traore will be out Cory Gibbs should then have recovered from injury and we will have a plethora of left backs.

We can take a little comfort from the misfortunes of others. After what was apparently a comedy performance against Southampton, Palace are now 12th. Millwall are second from bottom and the Gills are up for sale. For more informatio about what's going on there see our sister site Scally


Blogger Cafc_2006 said...

Lisbie didnt play well, but to say he didnt try is harsh

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