Sunday, September 17, 2006

Christmas comes early

I have already received a number of Christmas catalogues, so perhaps now is the time to give advance publicity to a range of gifts commemorating the success of the Valley Express service that will soon be available in the club shop.

Brighten up your morning with Rick Everitt's cheerful visage.

1. Have Rick Everitt’s cheerful face greet you at breakfast! Commemorative Rick Everitt mug (as illustrated) with Valley Express phone number on reverse side. Wendy Perfect version also available.
2. Rickshaw coach with Charlton flags in rear, hand built by Vietnamese craftsmen. De luxe version offers you choice of figures in driver’s seat (Rick Everitt, Wendy Perfect, Peter Varney, Steve Sutherland).
3. Rickshaw board game. Which Rickshaw will get to The Valley first? Starting points in Kent, Surrey, Sussex and Essex. Players proceed by answering multiple choice questions about Charlton, e.g., ‘Who is the new Charlton fans’ director?’ (a) Brian Hayes, (b) Brian Cole, (c) Bryan Hughes. Educational and entertaining.
4. Commemorative Rickshaw tray. This fine item has all the Rickshaw routes in red with calling points illustrated, e.g., Romney Marsh sheep, Canterbury Cathedral, Chatham chav. This item will provide a talking point when friends call and you will soon be the envy of the neighbourhood!
5. ‘The Missing Rickshaw’, an Inspector Sands mystery for children. A Rickshaw with a full complement of Addicks disappears between two Kent villages. Have they been hidden in a secret barn by a gang of Millwall fans? Or did the hard man of the West Stand, Dick Shephard, and his gang of desperadoes from the Rose of Denmark take them by hovercraft to the Goodwin Sands? Or have they been enrolled as a chain gang on the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch railway? Inspector Sands has no clue as he is too busy writing Ernie Underground scripts


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