Sunday, July 02, 2006

A few rumours

As the post mortems continue about England's exit from the World Cup, here are a few rumours from the Sunday papers. Charlton are being linked with Ukranian world cup team member Andrei Vorodin. The forward is known for his hunched shoulders and unkempt hair. He has played for German clubs up to now and is with Bayer Leverkusen at the moment. Seems unlikely to me.

Wigan's Jason Roberts still wants to move to The Valley after falling out with Wigan owner Dave Whelan.

The Steve Sidwell saga continues with Charlton reported to be confident that they can fight off a counter bid from Manchester City. Not all the Addickted are keen on the Royals midfielder who they think would be over paid, has an excessive view of his own abilities and little loyalty to any club. My guess is that he will stay in the Thames Valley.

I must pay tribute to Chris Powell who has joined the Hornets as he does not form part of Iain Dowie's plans. He is a truly committed player who takes real pleasure out of his game and I hope that one day we will seem him back at The Valley in a coaching game and perhaps one day as manager?

England reject Darren Bent was at Wimbledon yesterday and did not watch the match against Portugal. Bent was eventually not selected as his Premiership goals tally did not compare well with the goals that might have been scored by Walcott if he had played any games at that level.

Angela from the West Stand will be providing her own take on events in Gelsenkirchen in a day or so. I'll just make a few comments. I think that limiting the number of strikers was a disastrous mistake, particularly when one of them (Walcott) was being provided with an expensive summer holiday/training camp which might be good for Arsenal but was no help to England.

Lumphard in my view had a disastrous tournament and my heart sank when he stepped up to take the first penalty. The Grauniad enumerated his shortcomings yesterday, but Turnip Taylor was still defending him on Radio 5. Although much of the blame must rest with Sven, I don't think that England were good enough to go any further. We have some very good players, but few genuinely world class ones.

At least I needn't now feel bad about being in Japan for the final. And while I'm away I expect that Charlton will make all their signings.


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