Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A faint hum in the summer air

Sometimes when I sit in my garden in the summer and the wind is coming from the west, I can hear a faint hum in the air which is traffic on the A46 three lane road (More to the point I can hear all the concerts and watch all the fireworks from Warwick Castle).

Now a faint hum can be heard in the ether of the Charlton internet space, the usual suspects starting to moan. No one can, of course, yet say that Dowie has taken us as far as he can or it is time to look for a replacement.

However, the fact that a couple of former Charlton youth players have been signed by other clubs (presumably as third level cover in the case of a keeper) has occasioned some disquiet. Moreover, some people are comparing the progress being made by West Ham. Perhaps they have forgotten that the Irons are really an established top flight side with a bigger ground and support base. Indeed, not so long ago we were their tenants.

Indeed, it's not so long ago that the Hampsters were up in arms against their own board as our picture from an East London street illustrates. My view is that the Irons are now spending money they don't have which is always a big risk in football. Ipswich thought they were going to have a great Uefa cup run and it ended in relegation.

What Charlton won't do is make signings prematurely for the sake of it, nor will they pay inflated fees for players. Incidentally, one by product of the crisis in Italy could be that transfer fees will fall across Europe. See Italian scandal

When we had some of the local Villa round for a drink the other evening, their view was that the club was heading for relegation. The one thing that could save them was Curbs as manager.


Next Sunday is an important day in the Warwickshire football calendar as it is the annual meeting of Leamington. Will the Council finally get round to approving the plans for the Sheepside stand and the Burger Side stand (with its dedicated hospitality facilities for visiting blazers) or are they too busy giving largesse to Racing Club Warwick?

The Gee Gees have so far been promised a double decker cantilever stand for their eighty supporters and have been bought a fleet of taxis to get them to matches in a Racing to Get You There service. All this in the name of social inclusion. And having sold their keeper to Manchester United via Stoke City (the keeper then finding himself with the England World Cup squad two years after leaving the Gee Gees which says something about the state of English goalkeeping) they collected a fat fee from the Glazers. So now they have been able to recruit a Spanish manager formerly working for the Coventry City academy and the FA. Money talks even in non-league football.


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