Friday, June 23, 2006

Three yellow cards. Not at The Valley.

With Graham Poll becoming the first World Cup referee to award three yellow cards before sending someone off, questions have been raised about whether a similar incident could occur at The Valley.

In fact the club took the precaution of installing methane breathing apparaus around the touchline some time ago as part of the stadium development plan. The 'Thing from Tring', or any of the other referees from the Tring Triangle, can take a quick whiff of methane during a break in play so that their judgement is not impaired.

Poll was clearly losing it, particularly when he was pushed by a Croatian player and one consequence is that if England do not make the final, we will not be represented by the man in the middle.


Blogger beauzo said...

Poll's performance outshone the very worst we have seen at this tournament of risible refereeing. He brings shame on the entire nation. In an alternate reality where the likes of FIFA UEFA or our own FA even pretended to administer rather than feather their nests, G Poll would never officiate another association football match of any description. Were there any justice he would be pilloried on the steps of Lancaster Gate.

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