Sunday, June 25, 2006

Gibbs out until November?

The Addickted may have to wait to see the first Ivy League graduate ever to play for Charlton. Leading US Addick and sports reporter Doug Chapman has relayed a story from the Boston Globe that Cory Gibbs will not be ready to play again until November.

Gibbs was injured during the World Cup build up and was replaced on the US team roster. It was originally stated by umder threat coach Bruce Arena that he was questionable to play in the World Cup's later stages (which turned out to be irrelevant) so they decided to replace him, but claimed that he'd be fine by July.

The Globe is a reputable paper so it looks as if Gibbs is unlikely to be ready for the first three months of the season. This is worrying on two counts. First, unlike last year, we have a tough pattern of fixtures in the early part of the season. Much as I admire Chris Powell, it's going to be a tough call for him. Step forward Kelly Youga who has just signed a two year contract?

It also seems to me that Charlton has a bit of a track record in signing players who turn out to have injury problems, Marcus Bent being one recent example. Of course, I don't know how record compares with other Premiership clubs and it may just be bad lack. But for a club with a constrained budget by Premiership standards, injuries to players can hit us hard because we lack strength in depth.


Blogger Kappacino Kid said...

have we actually signed the contract with Gibbs or was it a letter of understanding and can we then look elsewhere? What it does mean is that keeping Elk must be a priority.

8:02 AM  
Blogger Wyn Grant said...

I'm not sure what the latest position is, but it may be that a letter of understanding has some legal force anyway. I'm going on recollection here but I think his name was on the list of players available for sponsorship and that of El K was not.

10:16 AM  

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