Wednesday, June 28, 2006

No longer with the Woolwich

A little bit of Charlton history has disappeared with the news that the Woolwich identity is to disappear within Barclays Bank, although it will still be used as a mortgage brand. Barclays will close its Bexleyheath offices by 2008, no doubt quite a few of the Addickted work there.

It's also a little bit of personal history as our mortgage was with the Woolwich based 'Modern Permanent' building society which was acquired by the Woolwich. Also, my wife's first job was with the Woolwich in General Gordon Place.

Anyone still got a Woolwich shirt? I know one friend who has and when asked why he wears it says, 'Because I can.' As far as I and others can recall, they were worn about 1991-2.

Over on the club web site, Iain Dowie is promising some exciting transfer news soon, although no specifics yet.


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