Monday, June 26, 2006

Is it all over with Tyrone?

The following has appeared on the Preston North End website:

North End Chairman Derek Shaw has rebuked the claims of Tyrone Mears and his agent that PNE have been offered 15 times what the Club paid for the right-back. The North End chief admitted they had received a bid from a Premiership Club, but described it as 'derisory'.

Shaw said: 'We have had an offer from a Premiership Club for Tyrone, but that offer is only £550,000 more than the £200,000 we paid for him. This has a further £600,000 to be paid over games, but this could take three years or more and then £250,000 if that Club gets a European place and these figures are just not suitable.'

'I am very disappointed that Tyrone and his agent, Willie McKay, have chosen to tell Sky Sports this information, as neither us nor the other Club like to do our business in public.' [sic] [This is presumably a reference to Charlton as McKay specifically named them].

'The offer is certainly not 15 times the £200,000 we paid for Tyrone as has been stated, and there are sell on clauses to Manchester City to take into consideration, as well.'

All this is speculative, of course - whether Charlton made an offer at all and how large it is. Personally, I think that the Invincibles can count themselves lucky to make a profit of over half a million (I can't believe that the Massives are going to take a big cut). It's not so long since Tom Finney had to run a plumbing business in his spare time to add his wages as a player. And I don't think Charlton should pay over the odds for Championship players [Sidwell is in a different category but the Royals insist that he is staying there].


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