Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Perry in limbo

Sky Sports News are running a story on Chris Perry's situation without a club or a contract:


Sorry to see this, as I thought he did a decent job for us and I am surprised that no one has come in for him (and I don't mean Leamington who are very busy in the transfer market). I don't really accept the North American view that he was too short to be a quarter back. It was his ability to read the game that counted.

Some of the Addickted think that he could have been kept on as cover, perhaps on a contract mainly based on appearances. An alternative view is that Perry was offered a fair deal but thought he could do better elsewhere and near the end of his career could pick up a decent signing on fee. And that hasn't worked out.

All this is speculation, of course, but to some extent that is unavoidable when there is what economists call asymmetric information between the club and the fans. There are some matters, of course, that the club either cannot talk about it or would benefit rival clubs if they did. But I still think that sometimes the communications department should be allowed to say more.


Blogger Kappacino Kid said...

Does not sound anything more than a filler story given that he states there has been some interest from some clubs but I don't want to say who. Presumably there is a bit of dancing around the contract going on to see who blinks first... mixed metaphors... maybe

1:05 PM  

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