Saturday, March 04, 2006

There's only one Tommy Myhre

A snow storm before the 5.15 kick off provided an atmospheric prelude to the clash at Anfield between Liverpool and Charlton writes Erith Addick Paul May. It also left the playing surface quite damp and slippery. Kewell put in a threatening shot that went just wide of Myhre's post. Charlton battled quite well in the opening phase. Fowler put in a left footed strike that went just wide. The Addicks midfield was probably giving Liverpool too much room. Chris Perry had to head clear as Liverpool piled on the pressure. Hreidarsson almost put the ball into his own net. Myhre had to make a great save, tipping the ball out for a corner. Fowler had a chance from the corner, but was unable to get enough height.

Every time Charlton cleared the ball it seemed to come back in again. Spector gave the ball away and Liverpool won a corner which was unproductive. Marcus Bent was brought down and was writhing around on the floor and the referee had to halt the game. Some sleet started to fall as we reached the halfway point of the half.

Marcus Bent provided a good lay off, Young subsequently had the ball, but Darren Bent did not control the ball well and it went out for a Liverpool throw in. Spector ran forward well for some 50 yards and Charlton won their first corner in front of the Kop after 26 minutes. Holland's effort was cleared.

Darren Bent made a good pass to Marcus Bent, but Holland's run ended with a tame header. A good ball by Gerrard led to a Liverpool corner. The corner was half cleared. A good ball by Gerrard was dealt with by Hughes with a great header. A shot by Kewell was dealt with by Perry and the move ended with a free kick for the Addicks.

Kishishev put in a good ball to Darren Bent, but the build up play was not matched by the finish. Liverpool won a free kick 35 yards out. Gerrard put in a good ball, but Myhre made a comfortable save from Cisse. A Kish cross was headed away by Carragher. Liverpool shouted for a penalty, but the referee made the right call.

The referee decided that Ambrose had fouled Fowler, but it was rather dubious. Liverpool won a corner off a Holland deflection. The corner was taken short and was headed away by Charlton. Liverpool kept up the pressure as the end of the half approached. Darren Bent forged forward, but his pass to Ambrose was not good and the best Charlton opportunity of the half was wasted. Hreidarsson dealt well with Crouch.

Liverpool made a really dangerous attack with a great cross but Cisse's header was brilliantly saved by Myhre. Liverpool were not able to make anything of the corner. Kishishev fouled Traore and then pushed him. Perry had to head the ball behind for a Liverpool corner but it was caught by Myhre. Another shot by Cisse was well saved by Myhre who got his left hand to it. Gerrard shot wide in the minute of time added on, showing Liverpool's frustration. Charlton's defence had been solid and Myhre, the former Evertonian, was brilliant in goal.

Half time: Liverpool 0, Addicks 0

Riise replaced Hyypia after the break, presumably because of a knock. Crouch tried to creep in, but Myhre made the save. Darren Bent got caught by the offside flag for the third time in the match, something that is always a risk with his style of play. Liverpool won another corner, but they were unable to make anything of it.
Marcus Bent was struggling, possibly with a hamstring problem. He walked off very slowly and Jay Bothroyd came on for the Addicks.

Spector forged forward, trying to find Holland, but without success. Liverpool lacked the rhythm they had in the first half, being increasingly closed down by Charlton. The Addicks won a corner. It was taken by Ambrose but headed clear. As Gerrard broke forward, he was stopped by a sliding challenge from Young some 40 yards from goal, leading to a yellow card.

Kewell put in a right footed volley that went well wide. Crouch had a scoring opportunity, but he put in a weak header, failing to stoop enough and Myhre made a comfortable save. The home crowd was a lot quieter and was evidently becoming frustrated.

Liverpool won another corner off the Herminator. Fowler ran forward and found Gerrard, but Charlton were able to clear. Cisse got a yellow card for dissent for blaming the lino for an offside decision. Perry was under some pressure, but managed to get the ball back to Myhre. Kishishev put in a decent cross, but Carragher was able to trap it. Hreidarsson headed away well from Cisse.

Charlton were being penned back more. Kewell at last got the free kick he had been shouting for. The ball was fed to Cisse who put it wide. Kishishev put in another good cross that put Liverpool under pressure. Darren Bent was denied by Riise at the expense of a Charlton corner. Charlton's effort went over the bar.

Alonso came on for Hammann. Darren Bent moved forward well but the ball was gathered by the keeper. Perry put in a good tackle. Cisse had a free header but put in another wide attempt. Spector cleared the ball into the stands in something of a panic. Fowler had a half chance, but may have been offside. Liverpool won yet another corner, this time off Spector. Bothroyd made the clearance.

Kishishev was taken off and Jason Euell came on with thirteen minutes to go. Ambrose shifted into the centre with Jase on the left. Gerrard bellowed at the unimpressive Cisse. Myhre did very well to avert danger fifteen yards out lifting the ball over the oncoming forward. The ground trembled as Crouch went off and Morientes came on. Hughes and Euell combined well, but Jase's effort went past the post. Gerrard shot wide, but it took a deflection and Liverpool won a corner. Kewell headed at Myhre who saved well with Fowler right on top of him.

Liverpool won another corner, sending the Kop beserk. Perry put in an excellent diving header to clear. Riise put in a shot from distance that was high and wide. The Herminator put in a diving header to clear a cross. Cisse took on Spector who conceded the corner sending the Kop wild again. The corner was headed by Bothroyd and then cleared by Holland.

Alonso, who was proving to be a real danger man, put in a shot. Chris Powell came on to replace Ambrose to strengthen the defence and the battle for a point. Spector showed poor control once again. Liverpool continued to press and won a free kick in a good position 25 yards out after Euell fouled Alonso. Fowler thought he had scored the winner and his first goal back at Anfield, but it was offside because of Cisse.

Three minutes of time were added on. A key challenge was made on Kewell by Holland. Carragher made a wild and wasteful shot from 30 yards. Charlton made a nice move involving Holland and Euell, Carragher blocked and the Addicks won a corner which was cleared.

The 0-0 specialists overcame the 1-0 specialists, an excellent away point won through gritty determination. I'm not allowed to give out silver bones, but if I was Tommy Myhre would get it with a silver biscuit for Chris Perry.


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