Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A message from our sponsors

The club's new phone system for ticket bookings is causing some controversy, both in terms of the number of adverts one has to listen to and the cost of the calls. One unfortunate was regaled yesterday with 45 mins. of a chorus from an old Elton John hit interspersed with ads, apparently at a cost of 10p a minute. This lengthy delay was apparently due to 'teething problems' with the new system, but, on the face of it, this new system does look like a bit of a rip off. It will be interesting to see how the club responds to the criticism received so far.

Against that background, I am reluctant to include a plug, but our third string canine match analyst, Monty Martin, has drawn attention to the line in world cup stickers available from Kingdom Signs where he has his day job:

World Cup


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