Thursday, March 02, 2006

Will Darren go to Germany?

I must confess that I prefer club to international football. Of course, I will watch as much of the World Cup as work commitments allow and will support England. But I always have difficulty with the 'Judas Defoe' moment, as happened last night when he replaced Darren, the Spudz's players face grinning at the prospect of a trip to Germany. Darren showed last night that he is an intelligent footballer who can make good runs, but unfortunately he was not able to put the ball in the back of the net. The Chicago Addick and the New York Addick, among others, have just about said it all in terms of appraising his performance (not least slagging off ignorant Radio 5 callers from Bexhill).

SGE was complementary about him after the game, but he is an expert at damning with faint praise. The Torygraph raises an interesting possibility. Could England take five strikers? Rooney and Owen, of course, and then the man mountain about whom I remain unconvinced. (I missed his goal last night as I was recording an interview for Radio 5). But then could both Defoe and Bent go? Probably not, but it's an interesung scenario.


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