Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Does Luke Young want out?

Charlton fans have feared for some time that Darren Bent will be snapped up by a bigger club in the summer. Strikers are usually more sought out than defenders, but now there is a rumour that Luke Young wants to leave. The source, however, is the Currant Bun so a large pinch of salt is needed.

'Luke Young is the latest star wanting out of Charlton,' writes Andrew Dillon. 'The England right-back, 26, feels he has outgrown the club and will seek a move in the summer. Charlton’s captain, who has six caps, believes a fresh start at a bigger team will boost his chances of playing more regularly for his country ahead of current No 1 choice Gary Neville. Midfielder Danny Murphy recently made an acrimonious move to Tottenham.'

My initial reaction is that this is a load of rubbish written by a journo needing to find a story with an England link for today's paper. Our popular captain, who must be the first name on the team sheet in the way that Sam Bartram was, has showed no desire to leave. However, these reports are always slightly worrying because Charlton were a selling club in the 1950s and in many ways they still are.


Blogger CharltonChris said...

In my opinion an article in the Sun is never to be believed, unless somewhere in the story there is a direct quote from a person relevant to the articles content. It's just lazy journalism when no such quotes are included.

Murphy left, there's speculation about Bent, and Mr Dillon has obviously just though 'Right, who else have Charlton got in their squad who could conceivably move elsewhere in the summer?' and hey presto, another quarter of a page is filled.

5:36 PM  
Blogger Kappacino Kid said...

Not to mention that the journo would have picked up from mrs Murphy's scribing that she is friend of Mrs Young. cosy

6:11 PM  

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