Thursday, March 02, 2006

Why do we get so few corners?

A correspondent writes, I'm not sure if you have seen the stats which appear in The Times Monday supplement "The Game" each week [no, I am too busy reading Joanna Taylor's effusions] but it shows that Charlton have had 93 corners this season which is the lowest in the Premiership. The next lowest being Sunderland [scarcely a Premiership team] with 113 and Liverpool the most with 183.

In the last two home Premiership games against Liverpool and Aston Villa I believe that we achieved one corner in each against 11 and 8 respectively to our opponents. Quite amazing statistics as we are the home team.

When you consider how many goals are scored from set pieces this is obviously an area where we are missing opportunities. Do you think it is the lack of attacking wingers, lack of attempts on goal or just one of those things?'

Well, nothing can be just 'one of those things' in a top flight club which has very sophisticated data at its disposal to analyse matches, far better than anything that is available to the public. I must admit my attention had been more drawn to how we defend corners, the box crowded and no one available as an outlet.

My impression is that our record of scoring from corners is not that good, but if you don't get many, your chances of scoring decline even further. What would be interesting to know is if we get more corners when Thomas and Romm are playing. Or is it another aspect of the fact that we don't get enough penalties, i.e., we don't get into advanced attacking positions enough? What do you think?


Blogger colin from welling said...

The corner stats dovetail very nicely with the stats showing our lack of penalties.

It don't take a rocket scientist to work out what these stats show!

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