Friday, February 10, 2006

The Kish debate

It's one of the favourite talking points among the Addickted at the moment and, as far as I can see, the majority of the Addickted are well disposed towards 'Boris' as the Bloke Behind Me calls him. They are not saying he is a Makelele or a Gerrard, but they give him top marks for commitment and passion. That is, of course, not enough, but he does get blamed for everything that goes wrong by some people. The goal at Spurs that Chris Powell was unable to defend was started by a Kish error, but go one step further back and you see a poor ball out of defence by Hreidarsson.

American sports journalist Doug Chapman is well known to many of the Addickted and he has given me permission to quote his contribution to the debate:

A holding/defensive midfielder has to play the ball in closer quarters more often than any other player on the field. It is a special skill, and difficult to find players that can do it. Patrick Vieira, Roy Keane, Claude Makalele ... Scott P*rker.
Kish is not a natural in the position, but he has the will, if not always the skill. He came to Charlton as a right back/right midfielder and playing wide is certainly a different circumstance to playing in the center of the

Kish is decent, but not world class in the position. He is the best that we have at the moment. And the truth is that we really don't have anyone else to play there. Like nearly all players, he plays better when given more time on the ball. He doesn't get it in the middle, and even the best of players will give it up
more often than usual in that position. He is honest, industrious and our only option right now. That is down to Curbs, not Kish. The more support that he receives, the better he is likely to play with added confidence. Maybe some Charlton fans will never realize that.

OK, let's talk about Bryan Hughes?


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