Sunday, September 10, 2006

Curbs linked to possible Leeds vacancy

Alan Curbishley is being linked with a possible managerial vacancy at Elland Road. Leeds fans were demoralised by today's 0-1 home defeat by Wolves in which former Addick Jay Bothroyd scored the winning goal and (in my view somewhat unfairly) are calling for the head of manager Kevin Blackwell. Curbs has recently been emphasising that he has not retired and would consider a Championship position.

If I was him I would stay away for Leeds for three reasons. First, the club is still short of money and is not pulling in the crowds. Second, Leeds fans (many of them a nasty lot) are convinced that they are supporting a big club and have correspondingly unrealistic expectations. Third, and this should be a clincher, Ken Bates is chairman. Richard Murray he is not.

Curbs has also been linked with the new full-time England Under-21 manager's post and this would seem to me to be a more suitable way of taking his career forward.

Talking of other former Charlton employees, Deano was providing commentary on West Ham v. Villa for Radio 5 this afternoon. It's unfair to judge him on what is probably his first outing in this role, but it doesn't strike me as his natural milieu.


Blogger Kappacino Kid said...

Deano has been pundit before, so so, but then Curbs also lacks inspiration

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