Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Two versions of the same event

On a day when Prague's Richard Hunt has given his views on Curbs's autobiography, it's interesting to note an odd contrast between how a particular event was described at the time and the account given in the autobiography.

Discussing the famous winter victory over Millwall and the injury to Phil Chapple, Curbs recalls that 'I ended up driving him to Cambridge after the game.' In the programme for the ensuing home game against Ipswich, it is recorded, 'Phil was unable to drive home to Cambridge after the match and such is the friendship amongst the Charlton players that he stayed the night with the man who took his place - Stuart Balmer.'

So which account is the correct one? The programme was then edited by 'Scoop' Burrowes, a model of probity. On the other hand, would Chapple really want to spend a night chez Balmer without a translator out of Glaswegian?

Richard Hunt's views can be found at on the Charlton Life blog. I have not finished the book yet and haven't yet found the section discussing the contribution of Rick Everitt and in particular Valley Express. However, although it doesn't contain any stunning revelations, it's a good read if you are a Charlton fan.


Blogger Bingaddick said...

According to Gary Nelson, Balmer had a flatulence problem so why would anyone want to stay the night with him? I'm with Curbs on this one.....:-)

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