Friday, March 24, 2006

Ten Years Ago: Up the football league we go

Charlton beat Stoke at home 2-1 on March 23rd 1996 in a 4th versus 5th clash. My notes recall, 'Stoke were all over us in the first half and it was no surprise when they went ahead' [on 42 minutes].

'The second half was equally frustrating but, after being denied one penalty appeal, we got one and Mortimer scored.' A handball was noticed by the linesman but not by the referee. 'Then just before time David Whyte scored from an apparently impossible angle. So a very important victory.'

The programme featured 'A Day in the Life of The Public Address Announcers' with a photo illustrating Big Dave Lockwood deploying his skills by putting a disc in the CD equipment. We were told that he chose the music himself and that the records were supplied free by Ray Sams. Fans were promised that they would soon have a feature on a day in the life of a relief station announcer at London Bridge.


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