Sunday, March 19, 2006

Kish: I was a scapegoat

Today's Sunday Times profiles Radostin Kishishev in the run up to Thursday's cup game against Boro. The paper notes, 'His unheralded qualities are always more appreciated by the club’s management than the Valley faithful. After a traumatic January, when Kishishev’s crucial mistakes contributed to Charlton’s malaise, the mob were baying.'

'It was just a small group,' Kish told the paper. 'But if they only support some players rather than all 11, it makes it difficult for the whole team. I was a scapegoat, but if we’d won 1-0 and I’d scored, nobody would have noticed if I’d been the worst player on the pitch.'

The team weathered the storm. A move on to the right of midfield and two assists in a swashbuckling victory over Liverpool reminded the crowd of Kishishev’s qualities. A further assist against Brentford last month set Charlton on course for the last eight.

'We’re always losing to lower division teams,' he notes, 'so to get this far is an achievement. But I would be unhappy to go out at home against a team next to us, nothing more, in the league.' The much-vaunted romance of the FA Cup, however, leaves him as cold as the minus 5C winters his home town of Bourgas, a Black Sea port, endures.

'Many teams can play in the cup final, but few go to the Premiership and win something there. That’s why I would be happier to finish in the Premiership top three than play in a cup final. But I know Charlton would never finish in the top three, so the FA Cup is the best I can see in my future.'


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