Monday, March 20, 2006

Early market research at Charlton

As the debate rages on the list about whether the club should invest in smart cards in part as a marketing tool (my doctor who is a fanatical Massive is also in favour of them) it's interesting to look at an early attempt at primitive market research at Charlton. 12,000 questionnaires distributed at The Valley in the 1970-71 season got a 20% response from the Addickted. (This story comes courtesy of the West Sussex CASC Newsletter. As I live in Warwickshire, I am member of the branch).

The fans were clear that they preferred watching football on a Saturday afternoon. No change there then. Interestingly, the majority of the fans then lived in or near Charlton with the majority coming from neighbouring postal districts. And most of them got to the ground by car, though where they parked up is not known.

The majority of fans preferred to 'stay at hone when Charlton are playing away. Those who do watch a game prefer to follow a local semi-professional or amateur side rather than other League team.' No scope for ageist comments then about the flask brigade ruining the atmosphere at away games.

Half the fans were prepared to see the programme price increase from 5p to 7.5p for a bigger programme containing more photographs, but just as many (mainly older fans) wanted to keep it at the lower price.


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