Thursday, March 23, 2006

Monty reinstated

Monty Martin has been reinstated as match analyst for tonight's cup clash between the Addicks and Boro. A statement from Barking House, the headquarters of the Association of Canine Match Analysts said: 'We have considered a complaint from Homer the Cherry Hound that Monty is too inexperienced for such an occasion and that Homer himself has been a lucky labrador for Charlton. However, Monty was assigned to the cup matches to gain experience and it was not anticipated that Charlton would go so far. Indeed, our sniff of the result is that they will go no further and hence any problem will resolve itself.'

'We do not take seriously reports of misbehaviour on a training walk on Sunday as this is simply typical behaviour by an excitable spaniel.'

You can visit the website of the Association of Canine Match Analysts at Barking


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