Friday, March 24, 2006

Deano criticises Curbs

Dean Kiely has hit out at Alan Curbishley for the circumstances that led to his switch to Portsmouth from Charlton in the transfer window. Deano felt he was consistent for The Addicks and is unhappy he made just three appearances this term prior to leaving.

Kiely broke a finger in pre-season, but barely had a sniff after returning to full fitness before calling time on his career at The Valley in January. 'I had six and a half years at Charlton and always felt I was playing consistently,' explained Kiely to the Sun. 'During this time the club was enjoying its most successful spell and I was proud to be part of it.'

'I could not have been doing that much wrong to be in the team for so long. So, what disapointed me was the way it all ended. It was clear to me that I could not get back into the team.'

'I don't think I did that much wrong and I am not sure it was for football reasons.' Quite what this last remark means is a mystery.

The fact is that Deano was a great servant to the club but when he left us he was past his best. In signing Myhre Curbs showed his talent for recruiting players who were unappreciated elsewhere (Luke Young being another example).


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