Friday, March 17, 2006

Ten years ago: Steve Brown in goal

A 1-1 away draw against the Shrimpers may not seem much to celebrate, but somehow supporting Charlton was more fun in those days, even though I was delayed on my long journey to Southend on 16th March 1996.

It was a long time since I had been to Roots Hall and somehow the ground was smaller than I remembered it. I estimated at the time that we had 2,000 supporters there which was probably an exaggeration in a crowd of 7,128, but we certainly took more away then.

We were also more inventive with our chants, even if they were adaptations of old favourites. Chris Whyte had a new chant: 'he's here, he's there, he's everywhere, he's bald without a hair, Chris Whyte, Chrissie Whyte.' Even Paul Linger, now a non-league player, got a 'there's only one Paul Linger.' Another good one was 'your fish and chips are ****.'

After a Southend player held Whyte in the area, we got a penalty which Morts slotted away. But Southend scored in three minutes bringing down Salmon and Sturgess who had to receive stitches.

With no substitute goalkeeper, Steve Brown had to go in goal and played superbly. We had a number of chances but because of mistakes by Grant (now at AFC Wimbledon) and Robson (now running the Academy) we didn't score. But, as I noted, 'a dramatic exciting match well worth going to.'

And now we are an established Premiership side and so enervated.


Blogger Chicago Addick said...

Enervated. You mean the fans Wyn?

I remember that game well. I would say we definitely had 2,000 there that day. It was a great day out. Driving along the A127 hooting other Charlton cars, Parking up and seeing Charlton shirts, walking into a pub to hear Charlton songs, into the ground to join the noisy throng. Songs for all of the players, original ones too, great banter, feeling apart of something only Addicks could feel, being proud of the team and the supporters.

1-1 at Southend in front of 7,000 people with Paul Linger in the midfield? Where did it go so wrong?

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