Saturday, March 18, 2006

Easy three points for Arsenal?

This morning Arsene Wenger was declaring on Radio 5 that Arsenal must beat Charlton today to boost their campaign for a Champions League place. It shouldn't be too difficult according to the experts. The Fink Tank gives a 79% chance of a home win and a 8% chance of an away win. The odds on an away win are 8-1.

Of course, some time Charlton can pull something out of the hat against the odds, although less usually against Arsenal than Chelsea. I was at the match we won 4-2 and have the commemorative mug. But do we have a player today with the flair of Claus Jensen who scored a marvellous goal? He was much criticised when he was at Charlton for being a luxury player who couldn't tackle, but didn't he offer something that Holland and Hughes can't?

With Marcus Bent injured it looks like 4-5-1 with hopefully a start for Thomas. Let's hope he doesn't think the occasion is one for showboating at his former club and let's hope that Ambrose remembers that it's not the 19th century and you pass the ball rather than rushing at the goal.

The usual suspects have advocated all out attack, but that would probably lead to a 6-0 win for the Gooners and as I have one living at the bottom of my garden, I can do without that (I have a right of way through his garden so I can always jump up and down in front of his kitchen window if we win). I think we may well keep the scoreline down to 2-0 and might even sneak one if Darren Bent gets the service as Arsene Wenger makes a note to sign him in the summer. And quite frankly I would rather see Arsenal in the Champions League rather than Spudz, although not with Charlton's help.

With the end of the financial year approaching, I can't afford the time to go to the match, but a report will be provided by the capable if well fuelled Erith Addick, Paul May.


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