Friday, June 01, 2007

Charlton in Premiership top ten wages table

Charlton have finished in the top ten in one table this season, the Premiership wages table produced by Deloitte Sport. Admittedly, the figures relate to 2005/6 when Charlton came tenth with a wages bill of £34.2m, just behind Manchester City's figure of £34.23m. The total wage bill was up £5.3m in a year, the second biggest increase outside the top five paying clubs.

The Addicks spent almost twice as much as bottom club Sunderland whose bill was just £17.4m, but less than a third of the £114m spent by Chelsea. However, they were not so far behind 5th ranked club Spurs who spent £40.7m. For all their spending, the Addicks finished 13th in the table.

Even so, Charlton was only one of four Premiership clubs that ended the season with net funds rather than net debt, the others being Manchester United, Spurs and Birmingham City.

The foreword singles out Charlton's 'innovative' season ticket scheme for praise.


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