Thursday, May 10, 2007

ZZ's dilemma

Roy Wang of China Daily reports:

'That's no doubt I hope to play in a high-level league abroad, but my future will be decided not only by myself but by the Shandong Luneng Soccer Club, everything will come out after the Asian A3 Champions Cup.' Zheng Zhi, Shandong Luneng midfielder on loan to Charlton Athletic in the English Premier league, told Wednesday.

'We were unwilling to see Charlton's demotion, the game was ruthless, there was no way.' Han Gongzheng, administrative vice manager of Shandong Luneng Soccer Club, said.

'What we can confirm is Zheng will rejoin Luneng for the A3 Champions Cup after his contract with Charlton expires on May 20.' Han added, 'We wrote many details in the contract on what we will do if Charlton is relegated, that's for protecting our player's interests.'

'I learned more from the premier league, my improvement was obvious." Zheng told, "I played with different teams, I knew how to read the play, I will play my best in the last game against Liverpool.'

Zheng also denied a former report saying that if Charlton is degraded, ZZ will definitely leave despite his Charlton coach's retention. [sic]


Blogger Ken Jennings said...

"Despite his coach's retention." -does ZZ have his very own Rickshaw then?

3:52 PM  

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