Friday, May 04, 2007

Addicks in move on points discussion

According to Radio 5, Charlton are one of four clubs (the others presumably being Fulham, Sheffield United and Wigan) who have written to the Premiership about the failure to deduct points from West Ham. The clubs have also, according to what I heard, not ruled out the possibility of legal action.

The waters have been muddied by Leeds going into administration and apparently then being bought back by the current owner, although there may be other potential purchasers. Leeds have hence been awarded a ten point deduction (which clearly served as no deterrent).

I don't have the time to deal with this issue in depth, but let me offer some comments:
1. I think one has to read observations by sports lawyers quite cautiously as they have an interest in drumming up business.
2. It is very important to remember that in law a rule is not something that has to be applied rigidly regardless of the circumstances, in most circumstances there is some discretion in application (unless it is specified otherwise).
3. These are, of course, matters for the courts to decide, but there a lot of matters the courts like to stay away from and this may be one of them.
4. Even if the courts do take the case on, a decision may take some time to reach and the repercussions will be complex to deal with in terms of next season's competitions.
5. Does one really want sporting matters decided in the courts? If Charlton (or any other team) stay up because of a court decision, it could be a victory with a bitter taste.

What really worries me about this is that Charlton fans are focusing their disappointment on this issue which allows them not to face up to how poor the team has been this season and the mistakes that have been made by the board - which Charlton fans are understandably reluctant to criticise.

It would be good to focus on Monday's match on Spurs which is the real route to staying up. Paul May will be there and hopefully providing coverage while I head off to a cold and wet Finland.

A fuller analysis of the point deductions row can be found at our sister site: Football Economy


Blogger Kappacino Kid said...

I can't say I am keen to see the West Ham go to court, apart from anything else the courts will not want to act on a football matter. However, the authorities have created an unfair situation. They have obliged West Ham to break their contract with the holders of his contract, unilaterally and west ham have not paid them any compensation. Now Tevez has to be worth £5.5 million, so the fine that has been paid is only the transfer fee. The authorities have given carte blanche for clubs to lie and cheat, blatantly to the authorities and even retain the employees that do this. The authorities have let the people that they represent down, more so the fans of all clubs, its outrageous.

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