Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Charlton deny takeover talk

Charlton Athletic have today denied reports that a Middle East consortium is poised for a takeover at The Valley following the club's relegation from the Premiership on Monday night. Chief executive Peter Varney said: 'I didn't see many sheikhs at the game last night. As far as I'm concerned it is total nonsense. I think I would know if there had been an approach for the club.' Varney also released a statement, which read: 'The takeover rumour is totally unfounded. There has been no contact from any Middle East consortium and the stories emanating on this matter have no foundation whatsoever.'

Figures of £45 - £50 million had been mentioned and there had been speculation that the Dubai consortium that failed to acquire Liverpool might be interested in Charlton. Peter Varney's denial is emphatic enough, but the fact that sheikhs have not been seen at The Valley or that no approach has been received does not mean that it might not yet come in.

Such a proposal would undoubtedly divide Charlton fans. Some would see it as undermining Charlton as a family, community oriented club. Others would welcome the injection of funds that would enable the club to get back to the Premiership and establish itself there.

At the very least it is interesting that there are rumours of interest in the club. Our view has been for some time that football at the very top level is changing rapidly towards predominant foreign ownership. At some point Charlton may face a choice about whether it wants to be part of that trend.


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I think NYA started the rumour!

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