Thursday, May 03, 2007

Are we down and out?

Two contrasting views from our blogging team:

Erith's Paul May writes: It ain't over until it's over. If we can beat Spurs on Monday, then I think we are in with a real chance. The main objective for Liverpool now has to be to win the Champions League. That means they are likely to put out a reserve side at Anfield, giving us a chance to take something from the game. We've had last minute escapes at Charlton before.

I also think that there is a real tide of anger among fans about the decision not to deduct points from West Ham and to allow them to play Tevez at Wigan. This story isn't over yet.

Above all, we have to keep believing. We need to go into the Spurs game with the belief that we can win and transmit this to the team.

Leamington's Wyn Grant writes: What I think is being overlooked is how poorly the team has been playing recently. We will need to raise our game substantially to take anything off Spurs who are still in the hunt for a Uefa cup place.

The performaces against Reading, Sheffield United and Blackburn were simply not good enough. The problem is not one of a lack of commitment, but a lack of sufficient skill across the team as a whole. The reason for that is we don't have enough money to buy a better team (it's no good hoping that someone good enough for the Premiership is going to come through the Academy).

Liverpool are not going to roll over at Anfield. We wouldn't do it if we were a mid-table side playing a relegation threatened team. They will not weaken their side enough to allow us to win. And remember we won't have Carson in goal. There could be a nail biting finish, but it won't favour Charlton.

When it comes to weakened teams, what side will Liverpool put out against Fulham this weekend? And if United have already won the League, as seems probable, will they field a weak team against the Irons in their final league game, before the FA Cup Final?

Fans are indignant about West Ham and the Premiership has been shaken a little by the reaction. But the decision not to deduct points is not going to be reversed. There is a lot of talk about AFC Wimbledon, but they used their clout to get the penalty reduced, much to the indignation of Ryman League officials.

One piece of good news is that parachute payments in the Championship next year go up from £6.5m to £11m which means that we would have a big advantage over other Championship teams.

What is encouraging is the number of season ticket renewals. I think that Charlton will be in the mix for promotion next year if they go down. But that leaves a lot of long-term issues about the club unresolved. Paul and I will be debating these in the coming weeks.


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Maybe spurs could stay at the Marriot hotel in Docklands Sunday night?

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