Friday, January 05, 2007

Could Bent be for sale at the right price?

A Sky Sports News with Pards appears to imply this. Offers of £7m, with Spurs mentioned, are dismissed as not realistic but Pards evidently believes that the injury to Bent changes his value for the rest of the campaign:
See also this report in The Guardian: Guardian

I personally believe that selling him would be an error, even allowing for the fact that he won't be available for a month, as any replacement would be unlikely to be anywhere near the same standard. Also, 20 per cent of any fee received would go to the Tractors.

The arrival of Phil Parkinson has been officially confirmed. Mark Robson and Mark Kinsella will be retained in the new set up but as first team and reserve coaches respectively.


Blogger New York Addick said...

Unless I missed it, did the club ever explain why there were getting rid of the old structure? Was it mentioned in the Villa programme?

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