Saturday, December 09, 2006

Trams' tickets clipped by Brakes

I still have my 'Last Tram Week Ticket' from 1952, last week we were on the Sheffield trams, but this Saturday we had a view of the top of the Croydon trams from the stand in the Croydon Sports Arena. As Crystal Palace were beaten 3-1 one mile away at Sellout Park, Croydon (sponsored by Selhurst Timber and Builders Merchants) were knocked out of the FA Vase by Leamington with a late goal. Meanwhile, texts had brought us news of Charlton's 5-1 defeat at Spurs.

The Croydon programme noted that Leamington 'do have one big advantage over suburban clubs insofar as the locals have a feel for their locality and organisations in a way that many in this area do not.' The programme urged such supporters as there were 'Ding, ding ding ... Come on you Trams!'

Brakes had countless chances in the first half, but failed to find the back of the net. Trams stepped up a gear in the second half, helped by the homer antics of the Orpington referee backed up by linos from Woolwich and Bexleyheath. Trams were awarded a penalty, but Jason Piercey's Football League experience showed when he made the save.

As extra time loomed, Ben Mackey scored a super goal to give the game to the Brakes. The ref added about seven minutes on, but trams were unable to ding their bell. On the way back we got the news that FC United, the Vase favourites, had been knocked and we even got a mention on 606. Better than being at the Lane.


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"Better than being at the Lane." - Tell thast to Dick Sheppard

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